Meet the Board


President - Jeff Johnston, BC-HIS

Selective Hearing Centers
Kenosha, WI

Jeff is the founder and president of Selective Hearing Centers and has served in the hearing care industry for 20 years. He spent several years working for the manufacturer who introduced the RIC-style hearing aid, which accounts for 50% of the hearing aids fitted today. Jeff trained audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and other hearing care providers around the world on how to properly fit this breakthrough technology. This unique experience, coupled with years of working directly with hearing aid patients, has allowed Jeff to use his expertise to help patients thrive with the use of hearing aids. Jeff’s professional affiliations include: the International Hearing Society, Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals and Kenosha Chamber of Commerce. Jeff has married to his incredible wife Cheryl for 30 years and they have two beautiful daughters, Savanna and Abbey and two Golden Retrievers, Sawyer and Eden, who seem to think they rule the house. Jeff enjoys time with his family, fishing, traveling, and sitting around the fire connecting with friends.



Secretary/Treasurer - Todd Beyer, ACA, BC-HIS

Owner, The Hearing House, LLC
Marshfield, WI
Past President, International Hearing Society (2018-2020)

Todd M. Beyer is a 2nd generation hearing instrument specialist. He became licensed in 1999 and began his career with a large retail chain where he fit hearing aids, supervised, and trained dispensing professionals. He is Board Certified and holds the title Audioprosthologist. Todd and his amazing wife Karen founded The Hearing House LLC in Marshfield Wisconsin in 2010. They have grown to 2 full-time and 3 part-time locations.

Mr. Beyer has served the hearing profession in many ways over the last two decades. He has been an active member and leader in both The Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals and the International Hearing Society. Most notably serving both organizations as president, simultaneously. He is also an active volunteer for the WI Dept of Safety and Professional Services and regularly participates in meetings of the WI Hearing and Speech Examining Board. Todd has always been interested in policy and legislation. He has a 30+ year history interacting with local, state and federal officials at local meetings and events, in Madison WI and in Washington DC.


Executive Director- Sheri Lumley, MS


Sheri is the Executive Director for the WI Alliance of Hearing Professionals and Minnesota Hearing Healthcare Providers, both chapters of the International Hearing Society. Sheri grew up in San Diego California, where she obtained a BS in Criminal Justice Administration from San Diego State University. She then moved to Minnesota in 1995 and worked in County Government for 23 years. Sheri has an MS in Economics with an emphasis on Public and Non-profit institutions and has both worked and volunteer in almost every aspect of a nonprofit, including: Event Coordinator, Campaign Finance Director, Race Director and Costume Designer.

Sheri is married to her husband Robert and together they have 5 children. She loves running, backpacking, weightlifting and almost anything that involves being in nature. 



Director - Warren Bocht, HIS


Warren Bocht is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in Madison, Wisconsin. He grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range then moved to Duluth to obtain a degree in Network Support/IT. It wasn’t long before Warren realized that this field wasn’t a good fit for him, so he took a position as a Machine Operator for a Tool & Dye manufacturer, but after being laid off during a slow-down he made another career switch and began a DJ company while singing with a band and bartending. This allowed him to be with his wife more as she was struggling with serious health issues. Sadly, his wife passed away in 2014 and Warren returned to the Tool & Dye manufacturer, remaining there until COVID and an old high school friend changed his life’s trajectory.

In 2019 Warren moved to Madison with that high school friend and before long Warren made the life changing decision to join Miracle Ear where he has been practicing for the past three years. He loves being in the position to be able to help people improve their quality of life and is very proud that his daughters have both chosen to follow him into the industry. Warren enjoys golfing, camping, boating, traveling, and spending as much quality time with his family as possible.

Warren was honored to be nominated for the board position in January 2023 and plans to do his best in whatever is asked of him . 



Director - Heather Braun, HIS


Heather works with her father at the family business for S.E. Wisconsin Hearing Center in Mount Pleasant, WI. Heather has been licensed for nine years and she still enjoys seeing a patients face light up after they’ve been fitted with a hearing aid.

Heather is mom to an adorable and lively 4-year-old daughter. Heather feels fitness is a key part in her life and keeping herself healthy allows her to do her best, both as a Hearing Aid Provider and as a mother. Weightlifting is Heathers top choice in how she remains fit, she has competed in powerlifting competitions which focus on the bench press, squat and deadlift. 


Director- Susan L. Fenrich, BA, BC-HIS


Susan began in the hearing industry by going on house calls with her father, Clarence J. Welsch at 4 years old, and at 16, she officially started working for Welsch Hearing Aid Company. It was through those experiences; she developed her passion for the elderly. In 1983, Susan obtained a BA in Psychology from UW-Platteville, then returned to Sheboygan and found her way back to the family business becoming the Office Manager.

Susan obtained licensure in 1985 and became board certified in 1994. Then on January 1, 1996, Susan and her husband purchased Welsch Hearing Aid Company from her parents and still own it to this day. They are independent hearing aid providers, working with all the major brands and located in Sheboygan. Her father’s involvement in the Alliance and the Licensing Board, ignited her passion to serve on the WI Alliance Board of Directors. Susan believes in protecting our profession, which means giving patients the best hearing care possible. To learn more about us you may go to

Susan and her husband enjoy spending time with their 3 grown children and three grandsons. Susan also enjoys sewing and embroidery. 


Director- Sam Runde, HIS


Sam Runde has been a Licensed hearing aid specialist since 1986, He is the Owner and operator of Runde Hearing Solutions. Sam keeps busy handling multiple locations with offices in Platteville, Prairie Du Chien WI and Dubuque IA.


Director- Daniel Tokarczyk, HIS


Daniel Tokarczyk is a Hearing Instrument Specialist in Central Wisconsin. His practice is in the Baraboo area, and he is proud to be part of the Miracle Ear franchise. Daniel has been in working in the Hearing Aid Industry for over five years now and has been committed to providing the best service and treatment for every patient he encounters. that the Baraboo area and I am currently a H.I.S. serving central Wisconsin in the Baraboo area working with the Miracle Ear franchise. For the past five years I have been committed to providing the best service and treatment for every client that has walked through my doors. It is my hope in serving on this board that the continued efforts of the WAHP will bring hearing professionals together, to learn and cooperate, for many years to come